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Patung Dewa Kong-Co di Tuban Rubuh, Pertanda Dunia Kiamat dan Wejangan Oleh Ajahn Brahm

30 meter high God statue at Kwan Sing Bio Temple Tuban Runtuh.

Is this a sign that something bad is coming? Horrified, furious, frustrated mixed up into the story of 1001 nights. How could it not be, the Kong Co Kwan Sing Tee Koen (abbreviated as Kong-Co) statue is a great spiritual symbol for its adherents.

As of this writing, there has been no word on the cause of the collapse. Netizens and netizens can only see amateur photos and videos regarding the condition of the statue that has collapsed. The temple authorities closed the temple and did not allow anyone to enter, including the police.

The Kong-Co temple in Tuban, which has existed since the 18th century, is indeed famous for being sacred. The same thing was admitted by the parents of one of my friends. According to the story of my friend's parents, at a time when times were more difficult, they had visited this temple and asked for directions regarding the selection of the city of Surabaya or Makassar as a place to try their luck.

The direction to meet the Dewa was carried out, after the parents of my best friend had a dream from Dewa Kong-Co who asked him to visit the temple, which is about 5 hours from the city of Surabaya.

Instructions were asked for and the order to keep trying his luck in the city of Makassar was followed. As a result, my friend's parents eventually became quite successful entrepreneurs in his hometown.


Citizens panic, such as confessions from Jaman (53) quoted from sources; "The sound was like a plane crashing, roaring. Immediately I saw that the statue had collapsed." 

Various intriguing statements came to mind. Exciting conversations among group members are hot topics in social media groups. Various types of comments are not missed.

Maybe some are concerned, maybe some are afraid, and maybe some are grateful.

To note, the statue of Dewa Kong-Co in the area of ​​the Kwan Sing Bio Tuban Temple, which was inaugurated in 2017, had generated a polemic in the community, due to its overly striking presence in the midst of tolerance between religious communities.

A friend commented on the Whatssapp group, "That's why I dreamed of God Kong-Co last night. His face is angry, too many people are balala (greedy). Maybe I want this doomsday noodles." Adding new polemics for all members who are upset about the Corona outbreak.

This horrendous phenomenon of spiritual symbols always carries a mystical meaning. Regarded as a sign for mankind, various interpretations cannot be denied. Everyone has the right to state it, without a definite alibi. Various news circulating here and there, none of which is comfortable at heart.

Bad news - "How could I not, this is a god statue ..., if there was nothing, it would not have fallen."

Sad news - "There will definitely be calamities that come to humans, we will be punished ...

Sad news - "Yes, we already have a lot of sins, it's time to wake up and repent. Maybe Corona will be the beginning of the extinction of mankind."

The news that follows and so is not to be listened to, it is certainly no better than bad news, sorrow, and sadness.

If so what should be done? Are there any repercussions?

Let's read a story from Ven. Ajahn Brahm, a Theravada monk who lived in Australia.

Several years ago, on the front page of newspapers around the world, a story appeared about a massive demonstration in which a US marine was accused of dumping a religious Bible in a closet in Guantánamo Bay prison.

When Ajahn Brahm was asked by a journalist in Australia,

"Ajahn Brahm, what would you say and what would you do if someone threw Buddhist scriptures into the toilet?"

Ajahn Brahm, who is known as the leader of Buddhism in Australia, immediately replied,

"Sir, if someone were to throw Buddhist scriptures into the toilet, the first thing I would do is call a plumber. As Buddhists, we are very practical. . "

But after that, he continued with a serious reply, "You can destroy as many Tipiṭaka as you can. You can destroy all the Buddha statues, burn all the monasteries, kill the monks and nuns. ~ But one thing I do not allow you to do. to do is destroy Buddhism. "

"I do not allow anyone to destroy peace, compassion, forgiveness, and wisdom. ~ Buddha statues, Bhikkhus, nuns and monasteries are the wrapper, but the real content is the teachings full of Peace, Kindness, Wisdom which is called Dhamma.


For followers of the Tri- Dharma is still hot and cold facing the bad possibilities that will happen, I hope that the brief story of Ven. Ajahn Brahm can open our hearts, that a broken statue will not bring calamity.

As a human being, having faith is a noble thing, however do not let belief then change our view of the concept of truth itself.

Kebenaran yang sejati adalah melihat kepada diri sendiri dan apa yang telah kita perbuat untuk kebajikan. Ajaran Buddha adalah ajaran yang penuh Welas Asih tanpa Pilih Kasih.

Tidak ada hal yang pasti atas apa yang akan terjadi, namun kesucian hati tidak terwakili oleh simbol-simbol religi.

Keruntuhan patung Dewa Kong-Co di Tuban pun membawa KEBERUNTUNGAN, seperti yang dikatakan juga oleh Jaman (53) sebagai saksi lokasi.

"Ya kaget mas, UNTUNGNYA kok tidak roboh ke arah sini. Kalau sampai roboh ke sini ya bahaya,".